Let’s face it.  The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is both a blessing and a curse.  It is designed to offer you, the clinician, a way to document an extremely comprehensive patient encounter.  It has every option imaginable, but navigating through those never-ending features is putting the brakes on your productivity!  This point-and-click method has the highest labor cost model, because you, the clinician, are now doing the work that previously your administrative support staff would do.  This is costing you both time and money!

Interested in Seeing More Patients in Less Time?

So many doctors have expressed a desire to go back to the old-school dictation/transcription process, but the EMR is here to stay, so what can you do?  OTS understands this frustration and offers a simple solution.  Clinicians now have the option to go back to the reliable method of using dictation to capture a summary of their office visits.  Using a hand-held digital recorder or a smart phone, you can document every detail of the patient encounter (before the patient has even left the room, if you wish!) and immediately move on to the next patient.  Our team will then transcribe the narrative directly into the EMR.  We also offer a web portal where your files are stored on a secure server indefinitely in which you can view and edit your reports 24/7 before they export to the EMR.

Advantages of Working with a Virtual Transcription Company:

  • Standard turn-around-time of 24 hours and  STAT TAT of 2 hours.
  • Multiple dictation options:  Smart phone app, digital recorder, or our phone-in dictation line.
  • User-friendly web portal you can access anywhere, anytime.
  • Data is encrypted and HIPAA compliant.
  • Your files are stored indefinitely on our secure servers.

NO upfront costs!  NO software to buy!  NO maintenance fees!  NO contract!  NO obligation!

Try us out for a month and see what you think!

How to Get Started with OTS:

Step 1

Click HERE to fill out a simple form and tell us about your office's needs.





Step 2

We'll schedule a 20-minute call to discuss your current process and design a solution to your biggest pain points.

Step 3

We'll get to work on setting up the specifics of your account (preferred formatting, templates, letterhead, etc.)

Step 4

We'll set up a 15-minute screen sharing training session (yes, it's that easy!) on how to navigate the web portal.

Step 5

You begin dictating and are now able to free up time in your day to do more of what matters!


What Our Clients are Saying:

"I have been entirely happy with the transcription service from Orion Transcription Services.  Tracie has a done a good job for Retinal Consultants of Southern California for a number of years, and I would recommend her and her company without reservation."

Dr. Kenneth Diddie

Westlake Village, CA

"So fast!!  I greatly appreciate all the effort!!  You getting [a] note done so quickly got the CT/MRI approved when the insurance said I couldn't do it!  Thank you so much.  You guys have been a blessing to us."

Alicia C., CCMA

SportsMED - Huntsville, AL

"Dr. Aaron is very pleased with the speed of the transcription, and I like when I send an email for a STAT, it is done fast."

Rema S., CCMA

SportsMED - Huntsville, AL

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