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Our Technology

What software is used?

OTS uses the Emdat Suite of Applications, which completely automates the entire dictation, transcription, and documentation process.  This totally integrated web-based system interfaces with most EMR systems with no charge for the interface setup. 


How does it work?

The clinician will dictate using their choice of either the Emdat smart phone app, hand-held digital recorder, or our phone-in dictation lines.  The audio file is then compressed, encrypted, and securely transferred to the EMDAT servers and available for download by the transcriptionist.  From the time we receive the dictation, we offer a 24-hour turn-around-time or less.  We can also offer a 2-hour STAT window.  Once the transcription is completed, it is then securely uploaded back to the EMDAT servers, where you, the client, can now access it. 


How can the completed files be accessed?

The dictator as well as any authorized office staff will receive a log-in to our secure web portal called InQuiry.  Once a file has been typed, it will go to a preliminary folder in InQuiry for your office to view and edit if necessary.  Once the transcription is 100% clean, the office staff will advance it to the Doctor Review folder.  The transcription is now ready for the doctor’s final approval.  Once the doctor has approved the file and marks it “complete”, it will be electronically signed and exported to the EMR.  It can also be printed out, if desired, or auto-faxed.  Completed transcriptions are stored on the Emdat servers for as long as you remain a customer.

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