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Point and click? Narrative transcription? Voice recognition?  Which is best?

Having transcription that interfaces with your EMR saves you both time and money

Point-and-click documentation requires physicians to document patient information directly into the EMR. This enables physicians to gather complete patient information and create a comprehensive visit record, which helps organizations comply with meaningful use standards. However, this approach has the greatest impact on productivity thanks to the complexity of navigation and usability, has the highest labor cost model due to the use of physician time, and can negatively impact patient satisfaction. Using a keyboard and mouse in the exam room reduces the encounter’s human element, as physicians shift their attention to the computer screen. Additionally, structured data entry can inhibit the inclusion of a clinical narrative that can be easily captured through dictation.


The cost of time spent by physicians on documentation cannot be underestimated. Point-and-click data entry takes physicians an average of 4.5 minutes.  A hybrid system using transcription that can automatically populate into the EMR requires an average of 1.4 minutes to document a patient encounter. This is a savings of over 3 minutes per patient. If a physician sees an average of 20 patients per day, this translates to freeing up a whole hour per day! The time saved can be spent providing care to additional patients or shortening a provider's workday.

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